Effective Focus, Inc.
VISION: To be the leader in creating a better world where individuals make informed choices, contribute at their highest level, and support the greatness in each other.
MISSION: To move organizations and individuals forward by removing self-imposed barriers

Effective Focus operates on two basic values, Transparency and Authenticity.

The consistent demonstrations of these critical values align actions to deliver

effectiveness through quality relationships, products, and services.

“Kristine was extremely helpful in identifying and naming an issue I was struggling with as well working with me on how to address it. that had been holding me back while embracing some strengths I had forgot were part of who I am. She asked thought-provoking questions to challenge my mindset and thinking about the issue. She is very personable and I found her easy to connect with and confide in. I would definitely recommend her to others desiring a ‘break-through’ on a situation or challenge they may be facing.”  

- HR Executive

"I was very impressed with Kristine and her introduction of coaching to me. She was very organized, professional, and conveyed the essence of coaching even in her conversations. As an instructor, I felt that I could not have gotten a better coach to learn from. I was able to take the skills discovered and learned through working with her and immediately apply those when working with my own clients. I expanded my knowledge, added a firm foundation, and am now able to generate a larger client base.” 

- Business Owner at Directions Weight Management Directions Weight Management

"I sought Kristine’s help when I was completely changing my business model. The change was necessary, but challenging and I knew my own self-doubt, habits and relationships could be an obstacle as I moved into a new business model. Kristine helped me stay focused, plan, keep my mind-set positive and make some changes that were necessary, but difficult. I continue to use the tools and techniques Kristine taught me as I grow my business in a field that I can bring the most value to myself, my family and my clients."

- Marketing Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Fractional CMO Services

About Kristine

Kristine is here to help individuals find their competitive edge through professional development.

Kristine is the president of Effective Focus, Inc. a professional development and change management organization specializing in emotional intelligence. Current work includes designing internal leadership and coaching programs, facilitating organization vision and strategy, and working one on one with leaders and their teams to make the changes that matter most. She is also a published author of Obligated No More, A journey to a guilt free life, a book designed to help individuals rid themselves of self-imposed barriers to success.

Previously, Kristine served as a change agent for over 20,000 employees at Baylor Scott and White Healthcare System. Her background includes work as an organization development consultant, where she helped leaders across the system increase effectiveness through team interventions, individual coaching, and system-wide change initiatives.

Kristine's also has experience assisting healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, and executives, as the Director of Service Excellence. In this role, she partnered with leaders on how to enhance the patient experience resulting in significantly higher patient satisfaction scores. Before joining the healthcare industry, Kristine worked in similar roles in the restaurant and retail industries. 

She also holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Administrative Sciences with a concentration in Organization Behavior and Executive Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. Also, Kristine is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Previously, she served a member of the 2012-2013 Board of Examiners for the Quality Texas Assessment and Feedback Program.

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3 secrects

Is this You?

What you know and what you do aren't matching up.

What You Know…

  • Your ideas, questions, and input add value
  • That a lingering difficult topic needs addressing
  • Getting enough rest is important
  • Exercising is good for your physical and mental health
  • You want more
  • What needs to be done
  • The value of your experience and knowledge
  • Self-care is critical to a healthy life

What you ACTUALLY Do…

  • Not speaking up in meetings​
  • Ignoring and hoping it goes away on its own
  • Staying up late working or Facebooking
  • scheduling your life so full that you have no time
  • Not seeking it out, just dreaming
  • Complaining that everyone else is not doing their job
  • Not offering your expertise, letting others take the lead
  • Putting everyone else before your needs

Ready to bridge the gap between KNOWING & DOING?

Now is the time…
If not now, when?

2016 headshot

Professional development that is personal to you. In need of a little polish or a complete reset, when was the last time you invested in you? Isn't time?

Get ready to make the transformational ‘Leap’ to gain more clarity & focus. Eliminate the fear of making change…LEAP DAY all about you, a full day of pampering, focusing, and moving forward!

Just In Time Coaching sessions are for urgent or isolated situations. Sometimes life just happens and you need the clarity but not the long-term coaching engagement.

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Professional Development… that is personal!

Why should you take your professional development personally? How you choose to develop strongly influences your personal outcomes. Organizations develop employees to further the organization's goals. How are you choosing to develop so that you as an individual meet your goals? When is the last time you chose to seek development? When is the last time you experienced true growth? I truly believe that the choices we made from the beginning delivered us to where we are today. How are you making choices? What are you choosing? Are you choosing from a limited number of options? Making informed or emotional decisions? Most importantly, have your choices led you to where you want to be? Are you applying what you know? Or just accepting things as they are? The chasm between knowing and doing is vast! It is time to bridge the chasm between knowing and doing!


Are you putting in countless hours at work? Have you ever woken up and wondered where the last twenty years went? Ever asked yourself, “how the hell did I end up here?”


In Obligated No More, Kristine will show you how to make mindful choices with your time, resources, and talents to create the life you want, not the one you feel you are “stuck” with.

Obligated No More was written so that you can:

  • stop feeling guilty & start living your life
  • give less & get more
  • put you first & enjoy better results
  • leverage your past & create your future
  • get out of your own way & align to your purpose

Obligated No More will help you create self-awareness through the use of practical exercises – the ones that Kristine uses herself on her journey to a guilt free life. If you are sick of the status quo and are ready for a change, this is most definitely the book for you.

Obligated no more! A journey to a guilt free life.

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The Coaching Competitive Advantage

‘The vast majority of U.S. workers (70%) are not reaching their full potential — a problem that has significant implications for the economy and the individual performance of American companies.The State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders

The Gallup State of the American Workplace survey is one of the several highly respected reports noting that when employee engagement is down so are profits.

Providing Coaching in the workplace will increase individual engagement, which can lead to higher quality performance and thus profits.

Coaching is a skill, a language, a management style and a culture that is strengths based and enables individuals to reach their individual potential.




Coaching as a Skill – a tool in the toolbox

The skill of coaching as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ‘….partnering ……. in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires ….. to maximize ……. personal and professional potential’ ………

A professionally trained coach helps employees…

  • ‘Discover, clarify, and align with what the employee wants to achieve
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Elicit employee-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the employee responsible and accountable’

‘This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.’

Coaching Language – a new way of communicating

Developing an empowered language to hold one another accountable in a positive manner that increases engagement and operation quality standards.

Many ‘slips’ in quality are not addressed due to the absence of a tool that can turn the situation from an opportunity to ‘make wrong’ into an opportunity to learn. These slips are not only ignored by peers but many times by management due to the lack of the light tools. Equipping staff with the language of coaching can provide the opportunity for the staff to self-manage to a greater extent and to use more opportunities to learn and grow.

Coaching as a Management Style – capture untapped potential

The current management style of any manager is most often a result of how they were once managed. Many times, that style is now out of date and has become less effective with the new workforce. The expectation of high performing employees is that they are treated more like equals than as subordinates. A manager that uses the coaching as their style treats employees as valued partners that need only encouragement, discovery and clarity so that the employee can bring more value to the job at hand. Even when correcting behavior, a coaching style can be more effective in changing that behavior than other styles due to the ‘learning’ approach.

A Coaching Culture – an environment that supports growth

Organization cultures that support individual discovery, learning and discussion encourage employee engagement at a higher rate. This support also encourages more innovation due to the emphasis on learning.

Accountability is very present in a coaching culture, as it is no longer the responsibility of just the manager, but it is now a shared responsibility by all members of the organization.

A New Day - calls for a new way

Today we are all competing for the best employees and ideal guests. Creating and crafting the most effective culture for your organization can be a strong competitive edge. When employees feel valued and safe they will outperform the competition every time.


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